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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 28, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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it will soon be more difficult for drink drives to get behind the wheel of a car. u.s. families are left in limbo following a law signed in russia banning american families from adopting there. hear from a bay area family who says she isn't giving up hope. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm maureen naylor. frank and julie are off tonight. we begin with breaking news out of marin county where two people in the last hour have been rescued from the water near the golden gate bridge. coast guard officials tell us they received a call that two people were struggling in the water in this area. rescue boats raced to the site and just about 30 minutes ago coast guard crews pulled two people from the water. there's no word on the victim's
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identity or their condition. as law enforcement agencies get ready for beefed up dui patrols around the bay area. a lawmaker is proposing a new bill that toughness drunk driving laws. patti lee joins us with details on that plan. >> reporter: there will be multiple dui checkpoints including here in palo alto which will have a command center set up by 9:00 a.m. these are after a bill passed this afternoon will help stop repeat drunk drivers. >> a drink or two drink for some people you can't drive. >> reporter: we sat in on a mandatory treatment session for men arrested while driving under the influence. some are repeat offenders. >> people are going to do it. people are going to find a way to do it. >> today i introduce senate bill 55. >> reporter: state senator jerry hill introduced a bill that would require drivers
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convicted of a second dui offense to install a division interlock device for one year. the iud would prevent the car from starting if there's alcohol on the drive's breath. >> we've tried increasing fines, we've tried to recall licenses. but we need to do more to save lives. >> reporter: according to the most recent chp statistics, drunk driving killed 4,000 californians in 2009 and if those arrested for driving under the influence, nearly 30% were repeat offenders. >> there's a chronic condition that makes them make poor judgment calls and a lot of calls these poor judgment calls result in very tragic events. >> reporter: paul chang oversees the treatment of people arrested for driving drunk. >> laws are designed for people who obey them. the pure fact that these people
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are considered law offenders means they are habitual lawbreakers. >> reporter: the key to stopping them from driving drunk is to choose to focus on why they did it in the first place. and statistics from the two dozen states that already require iids show that they do work. live in east palo alto, patti lee, ktvu news. an agreement to the fiscal cliff now appears up to mitch mcconnel and harry reed. while the president said the meeting was constructive he added if congress can't reach a deal he will ask senator reed to at least propose a basic package. >> one that protects the middle class from an income tax hike, extends the vital lifeline of unemployment insurance to 2 million americans looking for a job. and lays the ground work for
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future corporation by more economic growth and deficit reduction. with no agreement on the fiscal cliff extended unemployment benefits expire tomorrow for 24,000 unemployed californians. one woman says she's been out of work for two years. she said if it weren't for the long term unemployment benefits she doesn't know how she would get by. >> not being able to put food on table. not being able to pay my bills. >> those individuals and families are on their own to figure out how they're going to have an income until they have go on and have a job again. >> reporter: 1.2 million americans could lose their extended unemployment benefits nationwide. cloudy and cold, all day across the entire bay area.
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now we're adding some rain showers to the mix. here's a look on live storm tracker 2 radar. the greens indicating light rains on the increase. even if you're covered in the green, things are changing as you can see down toward the san mateo coastline. already reporting of some light rain right around the pacifica region. right around san francisco, right around sausalito. as we expand our view not as much coverage here. earlier in the afternoon into the evening hours reports of light rain. right around the clover dale area approaching the middletown and the clear lake region. rain showers report. not only in the form of rainfall but in the form of snow. you can see those yellows actually the pinks and the whites indicating light snow pushing into the region. that's how cold this weather system is. the coming up how much rainfall you can expect in your neighborhood. the time of the heaviest downpours and the part of the weekend that will be dry.
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three homicides in the span of two hours. the violence comes three hours after the city plans a new plan. noelle walker has what one person says about the new plan. >> reporter: some here in oakland are wondering what one man can do here. three overnight homicides on the streets of east oakland, one of the city's toughest areas it happened in the span of just three hours. crime scene technicians were still gathering evidence this afternoon across the street from abdellaoui. >> we hear things happening in oakland but usually on international avenue or other places. >> reporter: it's not the only city to hire this man to help fight crime. brad bradley is the former police chief that brought down crime in new york and los
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angeles. >> you can't say that's a bad choice. let's hope he's a good fit. >> reporter: burress is a long time outspoken critic of the oakland police department. >> surprising that the city has retained bill bratton at this stage in light of the fact that we're in the process of seeking to obtain a compliance director that would have substantial responsibilities. >> reporter: credentials aside, burress doesn't think one person will cut crime in oakland but at a media conference yesterday, police chief howard jordan seemed willing to give it a try. >> i take ownership adds t he -- ownership as the chief of police that this crime is happening on my watch. >> reporter: i spoke to rivera that says that the argument that chief jordan needs help to do a good job is not accurate.
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he says that chief jordan -- a 21-year-old woman in the lincoln was killed. three other passengers in that car were injured. investigators say the accident began when hpd tried to stop a driver of a bmw who was speeding. officers tracked down the driver. moore, his passenger got away. el cerrito police say a man was attacking a woman at a gas station. they arrived to find a man with
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a handgun pistol whipping a woman. officers opened fire and shot the man. he was taken to the hospital. inside this closed door courtroom prosecutors announced 26-year-old katherine uong is now the sixth person charged with the death of a man, a woman is now recovering. george gascon signaled a possible motive. >> it looks like there's fraudulent use of credit cards. >> they found blank credit cards and list of numbers and security codes at this house. the suspects went to this house
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after the assault to remove bloodied carpet. avenue russia's president signed a new law banning americans from adopting from the country. ann rubin poke to the family that is hoping to get their little girl. >> reporter: they're holding on to their plane tickets and holding on hope even though the ban takes effect january first. in san francisco there's fear, that adoptions already in the works are in jeopardy. this woman asks that we not identify her. >> i love my daughter very much, i miss her. i want to be reunited with her. and i want to bring her home. >> there's a 3-year-old in a russian orphanage who already calls her mom. >> we agreed first thing this morning, let's keep going. because if she doesn't finish the training she can't go to russia.
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>> reporter: it may not matter, a new law signed today by putin bans all the options by american families. it's likely seen as retaliation for a law. there appears to be no exception for families still adopts but some are holding on to hope. >> i'm sitting here thinking, oh my gosh, i'm sure this might not happen. >> reporter: agencies across the country like adopt international and domestic services are trying to figure out how to proceed. they're contacting families trying to start a letter writing campaign. they say something needs to be done. >> what happens to the kids that were told, i'm your mommy i'm coming to get you. then they don't come. that's the saddest. >> the 30 hour class for russian adoptions with a new requirement implemented in just the last few months. the agency has two family set
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to take it in january. for now that cost has not been cancelled. police in san francisco are looking for a man who broke into a home in china town and groped a woman while she was sleeping. it happened around 2:00 yesterday morning in the woman's home at jackson and powell streetless. s t reetless -- powell streets. police say the woman was woken up by the man kissing her. investigators say on wednesday burglars broke into an officers home and stole a handgun and rifle. the resident returned home and interrupted the theft. no one was injured. the officer was not part of the antioch police but refused comment on where the officer worked. during nummi's anniversary, how this tupl helped reshape
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the city. we hear stories about people who wander and are gone for hours or days. >> hear about an emergency system for another at risk group going into effect. driving up sales before the year is over. how the auto industry could shed some light into our economic future.
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u.s. auto sales are expected to rise tonight. over all 2012 sales are projected to finish more than 13. higher than the previous year. industry analysts say the rise in sales is being fueled by easier access to credit.
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>> a chinese court has ordered apple to pay fines for writers and two companies. apple already is appealing a separate copyright infringement in china. union workers are allowed to picket on walk ways. picketing can be a legal component of collecting bargaining. the court says laws single out related content. a new statewide emergency alert system is going into effect in the new year. beginning january first, the highway patrol can issue a so
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called silver alert. it will alert the immediate what, neighboring law enforcement if a person 65 or older who suffers from dementia or alzheimer's goes missing. sacramento assemblyman dickerson coauthored the law. >> you hear stories of people who wander and are gone hours or days totally disoriented we want to try to save those people. >> the alert system is similar to the amber alert for missing children. expect it won't be broadcast over the electronic highway signs on the freeway. about 30 other states already have similar silver alert programs. honoring the 100th anniversary of san francisco's munni. free rides today. john fowler is live where he talked to riders and had some surprises about the railway. >> reporter: we've been watching munni ridership and the cars are not very full. people didn't take too much
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advantage of the free rides although we did find so far gleeful tourists. >> i've just ridden it once today, it was free but it was great. we went the wrong direction but i guess that doesn't matter today. >> reporter: munni has the credit of reshaping san francisco. nothing more important than the twin peaks tunnel. from market street, to the left portal neighborhood. we dug into the archives a century ago, southwest san francisco was virtually sand dunes and development needed transportation. 3-1/4 miles, three years to build. opening in 1918 mayor sunny jim roth drove the first car. wealth also ended this oddity on one remote ocean beach a
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village called carville. with 35,000 people lived on discarded munni cars. >> people like jack london. >> we found one cable car house remaining today on 46th avenue. the interior munni car chic. he's to you. >> hello munni. munni will offer free rides also on new year's eve. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. aaa wants to keep drunk drives off the streets this new year's eve. they're offering free rides and tows home. drivers can get their cars towed and get a free ride up to 10 miles from 6:00 a.m. new year's eve to 6:00 a.m. new year's day. just contact aaa and tell the operator you need a tipsy tow. you do not need to be a aaa
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member. a very cold day across the entire bay area. now we're tracking a few more rain showers. right now on the maps we'll show you some of the current numbers. these are the current numbers, 42 to 52 degrees across the region. you definitely want to bundle up. here's the perspective, with the radar you will see not a lot of context. some develops offshore, right around the bay itself just to the east of sfo. and as we come inside here a few more cells right around the sunset district. a few light showers out toward ocean beach. not all is reaching the ground just yet but definitely the clouds continue to build. some sprinkles here possibly. scattered rain showers and snow showers, reports of snow up the cob mountain about an hour ago. so some rain and some snow moving into parts of lake county at last check.
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as far as overnight lows lows definitely in the upper 30s. santa rosa 35, san jose at 40. here's the weather system i have been tracking. showers will be on the increase as we do head into the overnight hours. with cold air snow levels down about 2700 feet. bulk of the shower activity tonight into your saturday morning. and the weekend though definitely on the cool side with readings in the lower 50s. be extra careful if you're headed to the coast this weekend especially for tomorrow. high surf advisory begins at 12:00. with swells approaching 15 tow 16 feet. here's a radar model between now and 10:00. especially for the northern half of the region. then northern scattered showers we will hold on to the possibility of a few more scattered showers for your saturday especially for the morning hours and the portion of the afternoon. coverage by late afternoon and into the late evening hours. a few upper 40s out there, the
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cool weather pattern remains in place. here's a look ahead, your five day forecast, sunday will be dried up. sunday partly sunny skies, forecast models kind of going back and forth for new year's eve. always a tricky forecast. for right now we'll hold on to a chance of showers and maybe a few lingering sprinkles as we look ahead to 2014. we'll have a fresh updated model. >> okay. >> thank you, mark. coming up on bay area news at 7:00, preparations for new year's eve are under way. we're live with a look at system of the celebrations that are on tap. >> a wide array of champane in a neighborhood store is a sure sign that new years eve is here. how san francisco is getting ready. >> join us for that and more at 7:00 on tv 36. >> and a pep rally was held at union square.
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what sets them apart from other bowl gameless. -- from other bowl games.
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a giant pep rally took place in san francisco's union
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square today. fans came out to respect their representative teams. tomorrow's kraft to fight hunger bowl. unlike other bowl games, this one benefits three local groups. for every ticket that gets purchased, three meals are donated, one for each team. >> some exciting new boxing move. >> over the last several years one of the most exciting boxers in the world has been robert the ghost guerrero. but the most celebrated dynamic an bankable is still pretty boy floyd mayweather. today my inside source told us that they will meet in the rink. guerrero is now 31-1. the undefeated floyd mayweather says he will fight twice in 2013. my sources say the network is already working on a deal that fight may happen in may. that means guerrero is in line
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for his first multi million dollar payday. there was little reason to watch the raiders game. that's until now. quarterback terrelle pryor has been named the starting quarterback. pryor is more mobile and why not see what the young quarterback can do. like that. >> i'm ready, i had a decent week of reps. hay practice, a good help from the coaching staff and especially carson and matt. when i was in there. i am not trying to do everything myself. just take what the defense gives me and be the leader. have confidence and just lead.
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>> we'll see sunday. warriors host philadelphia. 76ers and warriors highlights at 10:00. a new list of cyber risks for 2013. we'll tell you which devices are most at risk. >> and are we facing a dairy cliff. why we may soon be paying double, double for a gallon of milk. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we'll see you on 10:00 news tonight.
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